A partir del próximo lunes 29 de Agosto, los alumnos de III y IV Medio podrán votar para elegir el libro que desearán leer para este segundo semestre en la asignatura de Inglés, entre los que se encuentran:

201007-omag-book-asimov-284x426I Robot: A human being is a soft, weak creature. It needs constant supplies of air, water, and food; it has to spend a third of its life asleep, and it can’t work if temperature is too hot or too cold.
But a robot is made of strong metal. It uses electrical energy directly, never sleeps, and can work in any temperature. It is stronger, more efficient – and sometimes more human than human beings.
Isaac Asimov was one of the greatest science fiction writers, and these short stories give us an unforgettable and terrifying vision of the future. (12 Grade)

ghost storiesGhost Stories: After dinner we turned the lights out and played “hide and seek”. In the dark, I touched a hand, a very cold hand. Now, because of the game, I had to hide in the dark with … with this cold person – not speaking, not knowing who it was. Slowly the others found us, hid with us, until we were all there – all thirteen. Thirtheen? But there were only twelve people in the house! We touched each other in the dark, counting. Thirteen. Quickly, nervously, I lit a match to see… (11th Grade)

deathofanenglishmanDeath of an Englishman: It was a very inconvenient time for murder. Florence was full of Christmas shoppers and half the police force was already on holiday.
At first it seemed quite an ordinary murder. Of course, there are always a few mysteries. In this case, the dead man had been in the habit of moving his furniture at three o’clock in the mmorning. Naturally, the police wanted to know why. The case became more and more complicated. But all the time, the answer was right under their noses. They just couldn’t see it. It was, after all, a very ordinary murder. (11th Grade)

thehoundofthebaskervillesThe Hound of the Baskervilles: Dartmoor. A wild, wet place in the south-west of England. A place where it is easy to get lost, and to fall into the soft green earth which can pull the strongest man down to his death.
A man is running for his life. Behind him comes an enormous dog – a dog from his worst dreams, a dog from hell. Between him and a terrible death stands only one person – the greatest detective of all time, Sherlock Holmes.
(11th Grade)

theunquietgraveThe Unquiet Grave: If you find a locked room in a lonely inn, don’t try to open it, even on a bright sunny day. If you find a strange whistle hidden among the stones of an old church, don’t blow it. If a mysterious man gives you a piece of paper with strange writing on it, give it back to him at once. And if you call a dead man from his grave, don’t expect to sleep peacefully ever again.
Read these five ghost stories by daylight, and make sure your door is locked. (12th Grade)

ataleoftwocitiesA tale of Two Cities: “The Marquis lay there, like stone, with a knife pushed into his heart. On his chest lay a piece of paper, with the words: Drive him fast to his grave. This is from JACQUES.”
The French Revolution brings terror and death to many people. But even in these troubled times people can still love and be kind. They can be generous and true-hearted … and brave. (12th Grade).

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